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A married woman has stabbed her own husband to death inside their home at night after he asked her some questions.  
A Zimbabwean man was allegedly stabbed to death by his wife, Banele Ncube,  in South Africa’s KwaZulu Natal last Thursday. He was killed when he asked her why she returned home late in a drunken stupor.
H-Metro reports that Banele Ncube, aged 32 from Bulawayo, was based in KwaZulu Natal along with his unidentified wife and was reportedly stabbed upon questioning her.
According to close sources, the woman who is also a Zimbabwean could not stand being questioned.

“Eish guys he was stabbed by his woman and we are still to come to terms with his death. I understand tragedy struck after he asked the woman why she had come home late and also appeared drunk,” revealed a source from South Africa. 
A distraught close relative said he was saddened that this same woman Banele had taken from Zimbabwe to South Africa had viciously killed him.
“What pains me is that Banele took this woman from Zimbabwe and this is how she thanks him. If she was a woman he had met in South Africa” (Had she met the woman in South Africa, then we would be saying he had not taken time to know her but the sad thing is he is the one who took the woman to South Africa)
Banele could have presumably sensed that he was in danger from this woman if his Facebook posts that he posted between October 2016 and this year are anything to go by.
“She can’t destroy me, I wish kwakungalanto okuthiwa luthando emhlabeni, Ufundu luyohlala lulufudu, Ungaluphakamisa liyethuka lukutshekele (I wish there was nothing called love, a tortoise will always be a tortoise, if you lift it it will get scared and shit on you).

“Many of us crucify ourselves between two thieves- regret for the past and fear of the future,” read some of his posts. Distraught relatives and friends have been expressing shock and disbelief on Facebook following the tragedy.
"No one deserves to die like this for any reason at all,” read one of the Facebook posts.

“If someone is fed up in a relationship, why not just pack bags and leave than to kill someone now your children will not have a father just because someone failed to control herself. Rest in peace Ncube and your killer she must suffer and feel the pain she caused to your family and friends and die behind bar feeling so sad and pain lalakahle mfowethu (rest in peace my brother),” read another posts.
The deceased’s body is expected to arrive in Bulawayo tomorrow.

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