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The SSA to Governor Willie Obiano on Social Media Rtn Ifeanyi Aniagoh has dismissed reports of Fr Mbaka rejecting N5m from Governor Obiano.
“Stories like this deserve no reply, not just because it represents the concoction of enemies of the people but for the fact that it is being circulated by individuals well known to be ethugs specialized in character assassination and rumour mongering”.
“It’s a known fact that the opposition in Anambra State currently lack ideas and are totally confused owing to Gov Willie Obiano’s laudable achievements which have left them helpless, wondering and wandering, in search of any possible lie to tell against the people’s governor.” 

“I’m not surprised at their trying to dishonour the respected Rev Fr Mbaka because this same opposition using a few misguided youths on the internet have insulted the revered clergy including the Bishops; they have desecrated our traditional institutions abusing respected traditional rulers; also, they have denigrated our honourable stakeholders; all simply because these men of honour concur that Willie is willingly working for the betterment of Ndi Anambra.”
“Appalling though, is the fact that these ethugs are being sponsored by fellows who are supposed to be leaders of thought but chose to be enemies of progress due to their selfish reasons.”
“May it be known today that Gov Obiano did not offer or intend to offer N5m to any priest or anyone; and the Governor does not need to do so to receive commendations and blessings being that he has distinguished himself as one of the few governors currently delivering democracy dividends amidst the economic recession.”
“Please ignore such falsehood. The sponsor, author and those ignorant youths spreading it are part of the few ingrates who prefer to burn down Anambra State if their pockets are not filled with the tax payers money… They need our prayers!”

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