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Like red wine or Cheddar cheese, some things become only better with years. The same is with S3@.x:’. For each age, there is a special position that will be just perfect. But this doesn’t mean that if you are 50, you can’t do this in the same positions you did this when you were 20. Well, with some risk weighting.
If you no longer want to risk in bed, we offer you S3@.x:’ positions that will be the best for each age group.


Approximately 25% of pregnant women suffer from pain in the pelvis zone, and 8% keep on putting up with unpleasant sensations for the 2 following years after childbearing. The discomfort usually appears because of the pain in the sacroiliac joint. As a result, many women who are a little bit older than 30, feel pain during making love in some positions. To avoid discomfort, doctors advice the “doggie” position. As hands and legs in such positions rest on the bed or on the floor, the load on pelvis reduces greatly.
1Those who have recently become mothers are recommended to have S3@.x:’ in the “spoon” position. It brings the least discomfort for the organism that has just experienced childbirth.


At the age of 40, many people start experiencing problems with loins and the inflammation of the sciatic nerve. In this case, the two above mentioned positions also fit – “doggie” and “spoons”. If you want some variety, then try the position “reverse cowgirl”. The male partner lies down on his back, and the woman sits on him, facing his legs. In this position, it is not recommended for women to bend back to the partner’s body. This may increase pain.
You may also try the position “flatiron”, the variation of the “doggie”. The woman places elbows and knees on her floor, hips are slightly lifted.

You may place a pillow under the stomach. Try not to force your back to avoid unpleasant feelings. 


In this age, the menopause begins, and the level of estrogen reduces that leads to the dryness and thinning of texture in a genital area. There is also the risk of pelvic organ prolapse – the condition when organs lower down to the V@.g!na direction. In this case, the best position will be when the male partner sits on the bed or chair and the female partner sits on him facing him. In such position, the penetration is more careful. If this position is comfortable for the woman, she can control the frequency and speed of movement.
Another variant that will not cause discomfort is the position when the woman lies down on her back and puts a pillow under her buttocks.


Approximately the third part of men and women at the age of 60 suffer from osteoarthritis. If this is your case, you should exclude positions that have the main load on the knees and hips. They are “doggie” and “cowgirl”. Instead, you should try something in standing position.
If you have a backache, then this position may make it worse, that’s why it would be better for you to pay attention to the variations of the missionary positions.

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