GossipMill reports that the girl who has been identified as Chioma, was visibly moaning with excitement as the guys gang-banged her.
It is also shocking to note that, none of these guys even wore a condom.
The 2mins 31 seconds Video Starts off and the action had already began;
Man 1: This Girl They very sweet ooo
Girl: Moaning
Man 2: I never release oh
Man 1: You for release na
Girl : Moaning
Man 1: Commot your boxers na

Thrusting in and out sound. 
Man 3: who is seriously banging the girl in a doggy position finishes up and nuts on the bed,
Man 4: Then takes over, and turns her body position into missionaryMan 1: She Has The Power
Girl: Please stop am tired
Man 1: Chioma will you s**k my d**k? should i come?
Girl: Moaning, Please stop am tired
Man 1: You are not tired
Lil Yatchys Peekaboo song at the background then fades off
Please share this till a full scale investigation is launched, and so this crime against humanity and kids won’t be swept under the rug.
Note: We didn’t paint her photo, to make the necessary investigation by relevant authorities easier.

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