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By the dirty thirties, most men have spent enough time between the sheets to know what works and what doesn’t.
Despite the fact that we learned these skills through trial and error and have thus left some disappointed women in our wake, we use these s*xual skills to become better l0vers.
And here are some classics you should have down pat. If you haven’t yet, try them tonight…
Standing D0’ggy: This is the best position for shower s*x, hands down.
In a Chair: By 30, you should have had s*x on multiple surfaces, such as a table and a chair.
The Reverse C0wg!rl: If you’re an a*s man, chances are you adore this position because you get to see all that she’s working with.
Making the position work is more her duty than yours, but the least you can do is lend her a helping hand when the moment calls for it.
The Paddock (Or s*x on a Table): You can even do one of those dramatic r0m-c0m gestures where you sweep everything off the table with your arm before plopping her up onto it.
The Ascent to Desire: This one is best done by men in their youth with strong muscles. Position your knees hip-width apart and lift her into your arms while her legs wrap around your t0rso. 

This position uses shallow penetration, perfect for a guy that may get off a little early. Lay on your sides facing the same direction with your pelvis lower than hers. Bend her forward at the hip lifting her top leg so you can enter her.
X Marks the Spot: A less standard position, it’s still great to have in your arsenal by age 30. This position makes your man-h00d feel twice as large as it actually is, and all she has to do is cross her gams.
Woman On Top: While it is the likeliest of positions to break your man-h00d, it feels so good for both parties that it can’t be ignored. Have your body at a 45-degree angle with your back propped up against the headboard and have your girl to straddle your ju’nk, lowering herself down onto you.
Legs Up: A slight adjustment to missionary, you simply lift your girl’s ankles and rest them on your shoulders. This angle allows you to get deeper, no matter what size you are. For a deeper thrust, place a pillow under her bum.
D0’ggie Style: This popular position works because it’s kind of a no-brainer. If you haven’t yet learned how animals on the Discovery Channel do the dirty deed, well, the illustration above should help.

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