You probably know you enjoy oral s*x but here are a few tips to take the game to a higher level where you don't know exist.
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Oral s*x is as much fun as you think it should be unless you’re doing it wrongly. For people who are new to it, here are a couple of tips that you might need to help you enjoy it better.
Here is a list of tips that can benefit you in your journey towards oral pleasure, these tips have been put together by Bethany Heitman, Cosmopolitan.
1. If the light is distracting, switch it off
Not everyone is okay with doing sexual activities with the lights on, if you’re one of those kind of people, the light will definitely distract you then it may be a good idea to switch it off then have your mind blown in darkness. Maybe your facial expression when in pleasure is embarrassing, definitely hide it in darkness.
2. Deep throat isn’t compulsory
The problem is that you’ve probably been misled by movies that you’ve seen or what your partner has said but it isn’t compulsory if you cannot pull it off. The sight of you throwing up during oral s*x is good enough to trash whatever arousal you and your partner are having at that moment.
3. Maybe he should suck
With oral sex, it’s like fine-tuning an instrument, you gotta keep trying it till you get to the move that has maximum effect on the person receiving. So, instead of just licking and teasing, maybe sucking can be introduced, just to spice things up.
4. Even without orgasm, it’s still enjoyable

Blowjobs are always going to be fun, either if the receiver climaxes or not. So relax! Moreover people see it as an appetizer to the main event which is s*x. 
5. Talk about it
Communication is so important especially during the oral sex act that has to do with using eating tools on delicate parts. It’s difficult to read people’s mind, hence the need to give instant feedback about what is happening. Guidance is welcomed in a friendly tone as well.
6. Don’t forget to use your hand
Contrary to public opinion, it’s not just about your mouth alone. You can also use your hands, they can bring a lot in. You don’t have to overwork your jaw with that big piece of meat.
7. Don’t ignore other sensitive parts
It’s easy to ignore other parts of the body due to full concentration on the most private organ but touching or caressing other parts can help take the experience a step further. While giving her a head, you can also play with her boobs, fondle her nipples, stuff like that.
8. Master the act of stopping and starting again
Taking a break during oral s*x can be very hot. The brief interlude during the foreplay can make the whole darn thing even hotter. Pause during the oral sex, go for a kiss, work on the nipples with your mouth then after a while go back to the oral s*x once again. It will certain make it more interesting.
9. Sit on his face
Yea, that’s right. Sit on his face, ride his face, and yes! It’s a thing. Mount your organ over his face and ride him like you would his organ. It sounds crazy but it’s the perfect recipe for taking things a notch higher than regular.
10. Get comfortable
It’s not a written rule that you have to be on your knees when giving blowjob to your partner, you can both assume a more comfortable position for maximum effect.

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