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Copper was brutalized today in my area today in Edo State
Oke Old secondary school Sabongidda - Ora in Owan West LGA
 There's one copper in the classroom teaching student, so the n Power now started shouting at  the corper that his using his period ,and the copper was appealing to him, they started arguing with each other

So this copper that he machete heard their voices from the other class, so he now called the n power that is okay, let me cut it short,  he was trying to settle the matter, he now passed the aggression on him.                    

And they didn't do anything about the issue, that's how are doing here
They even went to police station, but they are behind the guy

They're are saying those coppers should leave their premises, that they should go and provide the cutlass

This kind of issue has occurred before, but they buried the case,  that's why they relocated us from our first PPA to another PPA.

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