Indian Police has shocked the world after it announced that it can’t unlock the phone of a Nigerian national in its custody despite the country being one noted for technological advancement..

The Nigerian national, Charles Chuks, was arrested on Saturday in the city of Visakhapatnam by the City Task Force. At the time of his arrest, Mr Chuks had 25kg of dry marijuana in his possession. Intrigued by the major haul, the police sought to open Mr Chuks phone to see if the could get more information about the suspect and the drug network he is working for.

A Hyderabad resident, Charles Chuks has been in India for 18 months and arrived on a business visa, and is the second Nigerian to be arrested for possession of Indian Hemp in the city. Last year, Ikechukwu Augustine, 23, was arrested by the CTF team and about 50 kg of dry ganja was recovered from him. 
According to Assistant Commissioner of Police (CTF) I. Chittibabu, the police had conducted a raid based on credible information about the illegal transportation of ganja. The raid occurred near the Government Eye Hospital and Mr Chuks was arrested with 24 kg of dry ganja worth Rs. 96,000.

Indian police believe Charles Chuks has been involved in drug smuggling since he arrived India and has visited Visakhapatnam and some other parts in Vizag Agency five times in the past few months and had smuggled ganja to Hyderabad, Nagpur, Delhi and Chennai.
“We are yet to ascertain the profession of the foreigner in India and we failed to unlock the mobile phone of the foreigner. Though we have seized the passport of the Nigerian, we are yet to ascertain whether it is genuine or fake,” Mr. Chittibabu added.

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