I have been having passionate s*x with a married woman who now says she is pregnant with my child.
We are both Muslims and if this news gets out it will devastate our families — but I love this woman. Should I fight for us and for my child?
I am married, too. I am 36 and my wife is 32. We have a son and a daughter. I volunteer for a charity where my lover works. She’s the complete opposite of my wife.
My wife is a teacher and very modern in her attitudes but my lover covers up and wears a headscarf in public. I found her intriguing but it took me a long time to get to know her.

We have amazing s ex but I feel awful keeping this secret from my partner and my lover. We were giving a talk together about our work at a school one day and I gave her a lift home.
She told me she was 31 and married and that her husband wasn’t happy about her working. He wanted to start a family but she didn’t think they could afford it. We got along so well I couldn’t wait to work with her again.  
The next time we went to speak at a college, it was a long way from home, so we had to take the train. All the trains home ended up being cancelled and we were stranded. Our director told us to check into a hotel.
My colleague had a lot of explaining to do to persuade her husband there was no choice for us. She was very tearful when she joined me for dinner. I escorted her up to her room afterwards and I asked if I could see her without her headscarf.
She took it off and shook her hair loose. She was stunning. I couldn’t resist her. After a lot of kissing, she said we could have s*x. I’ve now been seeing her for months and she’s more passionate and adventurous than my wife.
She has just dropped the bombshell that she’s pregnant and the baby is mine. This changes everything. I told her I would leave my wife but she says it won’t work. She says she’ll get a termination but she still wants to see me.
If this comes out there will be so much trouble.

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